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We've created some Perch templates Apps and Add-ons. Please feel free to download and use (or improve!) as you like.

Perch is fantastic for adding CMS functionality into new or existing static sites. If you are a web designer you really should check Perch CMS out here.

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Other apps, plugins and templates:

Perch Forms - Count Responses

This App can count how many form responses your form has received. This can be useful for when you need to hide a form when a certain number of responses has been received for example. Or you could show on the page how many responses are remaining, useful if the form is for an event where there are a limited number of spaces.

Download it here unzip it and place the sly_countresponses folder in perch/addons/apps/. Add 'sly_countresponses', to perch/config/apps.php

Now you can test to see if the max number has been reached before outputting the form. The app returns the number of spaces left, so you can add a message like: 'There are only 'x' spaces left, apply now!'.

See the example_functions.php file for ways you can use this.

CK Editor with Colour Buttons

This CKEditor for Perch has Color Buttons enabled, allowing the editor to choose a text or background colour. A great additional feature of this allows you to let the editor only select custom colours you specify.

Download it here
un-zip and put the ckeditor folder into perch/addons/plugins/editors

You can add custom colours by un-commenting line 40 in ckeditor/config.js and adding your colours separated by a comma.

For more info on using CKeditor in your Perch templates, see the Perch documentation.

Perch Custom Admin UI

Perch 2 is great, but when I looked at Perch 1 Admin recently, I thought that the list of pages and other aspects of the Admin area were stronger and clearer in some places than in Perch 2.

So I made a custom UI adjustment that strengthens up the interface a bit. It also centers the logo in login and fixes a strange re-flow issue I've found with the Redactor editor.

Download it here un-zip and put the ui folder into perch/addons/plugins/ (don't replace the ui folder or files, if you've already made some alterations).

For more info on creating your own Perch UI adjustments, see the Perch documentation.

Perch Password Protected Page

This is a super basic page that can contain password protected content. When user visits the page they are asked for the password before the protected content is displayed.

Download the file here un-zip it and place it into the website.

The basic file has two Perch regions: one to set the pasword for the page and the other for the protected content.

- Visit the page in your browser and then go to Perch admin.

- Assign a text field to the Password region and set the password.

- Go back to the protected page, reload it, type the password and hit enter.

- The protected content region will now show in Perch admin. Assign what ever you like to the content region.

You can, of course, modify the file to your site's design.

Whenever a visitor goes to that page, they'll be asked for a password. Yep, every time. I said it was super basic!

A version that will work accross multipe pages and remember the logged in session is underway and will be ready soon I hope.

If you have any improvements or additions to this please let me know or post on the Perch forums.


The author, of these software/files accepts no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of the templates and apps and makes no warranty or representation, either express or implied, including but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The software/files are provided "AS IS", and you, its user, assume all risks when using them.

Always make a backup of your site and database before use.

Perch News App

An App created from 'Perch Blog' to enable us to run both Blog and News on a website.

It is identical to Perch Blog in every way except that it shows in the cms as 'News' and creates 'news' tables database that won't clash with the blog tables.

For Perch 2.8.15 and above:
Download Perch News here

For Perch 2:
Download Perch News here
(Requires Perch v2.2.7).

For Perch 1:
Download Perch News here
(For Perch 1.8.3 - 1.8.4).

Unzip the download and copy the perch_news folder into perch/addons/apps/ (or perch/apps/ for Perch 1).

Add 'perch_news', to your apps.php file.

or for Perch 1:


When you next log into the Perch admin the News install script will run behind the scenes to create the necessary tables. A new news navigation item will appear in the administration menu.

If you have any improvements or additions to this app please let me know or post on the Perch forums.

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